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Yuzuru Hanyu meets the Emperor and Empress of Japan [x]

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Yuzuru's olympic journey

Yuzuru’s olympic journey. A look at all the big moments that shaped him into the amazing skater he is today. Music: Elbow- First Steps. I ownnothing.

I won’t even try YouTube since I used footage from the Olympics and they don’t like that. I wouldn’t want my account suspended, so…

So, sice YouTube didn’t allow me to post the original version in there, due to copyright issues, I redid the video and took out some bits. I also changed a little the second part of the video, adding some of my favorite reactions that the TV commentators had during/after Yuzu’s performances. I guess it’s a bit sloppy at times and I will probably redo it again at some point but not right now. Enjoy!

Music: Hall of fame, The Script feat. will i am. I own nothing.

Seems like Youtube is messing with my video, so I’m posting it here. Yuzuru Hanyu, Hall of fame :)

Yuzuru, Hall of fame. The song really suits him :)

“Even when I have the gold medal, but having a gold medal does not mean you are a “Gold medalist”, and it’s only when you are strong enough, then can you be worthy of the “Gold medalist” title”


- Yuzuru Hanyu (x)

Welcome to the mindblowing wisdom of Yuzuru Hanyu.

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happy birthday, stefan <3



After skating his Romeo and Juliet exhibition, he says “Owatta”, which means “It’s over”.  



After skating his Romeo and Juliet exhibition, he says “Owatta”, which means “It’s over”.  

What a touching way to end this special season, with the very program that made many of us love him. It was very fitting, although the great moment of epiphany that was Nice 2012 could never be recreated.

"Owatta", he said at the end of his routine, and indeed, an era of his life and career seem to be over. It’s sort of bittersweet, but exciting at the same time. As he is staring to leave his "prince" days behind, his journey to maturity will be, I think, wonderful to witness . I can’t really explain it without sounding ridiculously cheesy, but I’ve always thought there is a sort of light around him, something that just makes him very special. For me, that light is still very much there and I think it’s there to stay. As long as I see that light in him, I will be more than confident that there are plenty more magical Yuzuru-moments to come, even though they might be very different from R&J2012.

But Yuzu looked indeed extremely tired today, so I hope he’ll get some good rest and plenty of love and support from his nearest and dearest. It was a heck of a journey for him, so I hope he is really happy for what he achieved.

Well done, Yuzuru, you did great! It will be an honour to root for you in this new cycle!